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Home Muziek in Reclame MARTINI Royale – Luck Is An Attitude – Celebrate
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MARTINI Royale – Luck Is An Attitude – Celebrate

Gepubliceerd op 21 november 2012 in Muziek in Reclame · Views: 3.464 ·

MARTINI Royale - Celebrate - Night Club

MARTINI Royale – Celebrate – Night Club

Sizzer en Fred & Farid Paris-Shanghai hebben samen de nieuwe campagne van MARTINI Royale ‘Celebrate’ vorm en inhoud gegeven. De eerste Sparkling Wine commercial hiervan is ‘Night Club’, Luck Is An Attitude, ofwel, er is altijd wel een reden om iets te vieren! Muziek is weer top, zoals we van Sizzer gewend zijn. Hoe doen ze dat toch? “This song is the perfect anthem of playfulness and joyfulness”, zegt Leo Copet, music supervisor of Fred & Farid Paris-Shanghai. “An original composition, one of seven different layouts we received. I chose this song because it’s strong and goes directly into my mind. The music sets the atmospheric beat for the narrative and the lyrics really nail the luck is an attitude philosophy.” En? Mee dens?

Sizzer Amsterdam music supervisor Marcel A. Wiebenga: “This is the third time we collaborated with Fred & Farid on MARTINI® and I’m proud of the way we’ve developed their brand sound from vintage to modern. “In the first movie for MARTINI® Sizzer Amsterdam reworked “Oh Johnny” by the Andrew Sisters and in the second they introduced up and coming artist Willy Moon. For the ‘Celebrate’ campaign, the music agency decided on a contemporary approach.

MARTINI Royale – Luck Is An Attitude – Celebrate – Night Club


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